Step up for climate justice and move for Mother Earth!

#Party4ThePlanet is about us, the youth: we want to be seen and heard right now. It’s time for global leaders to pay attention because our hopes and dreams are at stake; these leaders must protect our future by protecting our climate.

Let’s crash this tired and dragging party. Join the call and demand urgent climate action from world leaders this COP27.


COP, which stands for Conference of the Parties, is an annual meeting by the United Nations where world leaders discuss about the climate.

The UN climate talks have been dragging on for years, yet we still haven’t seen big, decisive commitments and action to address climate change. As the generation that faces the worst impacts of climate change, we are owning our future by using all necessary means for climate aciton. COP27 is an important event where the youth’s voices should be heard.


Hold climate polluters accountable and help vulnerable communities cope with stronger and more frequent typhoons, flooding and landslides, excessive drought and wildfires, and other climate impacts.

We cannot continue letting the fossil fuel industry and other corporate polluters—whose businesses have been heating up our planet for decades—get away with their crimes any longer. At the same time, we must not allow governments to waste any more of our precious time, while our window to prevent irreversible climate change, and a future filled with disasters, is closing.


Dance to the beat and step up for Climate Justice! Learn the steps through this dance tutorial.

STEP 1: Look there’s another typhoon!

Point up. Point down. There’s another typhoon coming to town. As climate change worsens, the intensity and frequency of typhoons are becoming more severe and unprecedented.

[Video: Step 1]

STEP 2: Oh, it’s climate change!

You know what’s breaking our plans? Climate change! Aside from extreme weather events, climate change also accelerates sea level rise, resulting to many cities across the globe being submerged, which may include your community too!

[Video: Step 1]

STEP 3: Say X to fossil fuels!

The main cause of our worry on why we’re falling into a climate crisis is the fossil fuel industry. Their carbon emissions are exacerbating climate change and endangering the planet and our future.

[Video: Step 1]

STEP 4: We don’t need words. We need climate action!

Don’t need to talk the talk, just walk the walk. Stop with the empty promises and false solutions. We need commitments from the world leaders. We need concrete actions from the fossil fuel industry.

[Video: Step 1]

STEP 5: Spread the word about climate change!

Let the other youth know how serious climate change is! We need more voices to move our world leaders in holding the fossil fuel industry accountable for their loss and damage to the planet.

Check out the full dance routine here

[Video: Step 1]


Join the TikTok Dance Challenge

Move for Mother Earth by joining the #Party4ThePlanet Dance Challenge on TikTok!

Follow the dance steps and simply upload your dance video on TikTok, tag @greenpeaceph, and use the hashtag, #Party4ThePlanet! Tag your friends too so we can inspire more youth to join and step up against climate change!

Organize a dance party in your community

Gather a group of volunteers, workmates, friends, or partners in one venue and learn the dance steps together! We want to show the breadth and diversity of the global climate movement so feel free to make it yours–don’t be afraid to show off your style and add awesome dance moves if you like!
Record a video of your dance performance and upload it on social media with the hashtag #Party4ThePlanet.

Create a visual representation/artwork

How would you visualize your calls for climate action and climate justice? Time to take out those art supplies and get crafty! Take a photo and post your artwork on social media with the hashtag #Party4ThePlanet.

Need inspiration? Check out these submissions from your fellow youth partying 4 the planet!

@cleyahpatra I’m joining #party4theplanet dance challenge to raise awareness on climate change and to ask world leaders at #COP27 to stop delaying climate action! Calling on @🫥 to join the party! #ClimateJusticeNow ♬ Permission to Dance - BTS
@jenny_berry24 I’m joining #Party4thePlanet dance challenge to raise awareness on climate change and to ask world leaders at #COP27 to stop delaying climate action! Calling on (@🫥) to join the party! #ClimateJusticeNow ♬ Permission to Dance - BTS

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their support:

  • Angat GenC Bicol
  • Angat GenC Bohol
  • Angat GenC GenSan
  • Brgy. Tumana Sangguniang Kabataan
  • Fisheries Student Association of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (FSAC-CBSU)
  • Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability (IDIS)
  • Kabataang Tumanians
  • Kabiling Lunhaw
  • K-Pop Stans 4 Good Governance
  • Living Laudato Si
  • Pagmaya
  • Taguig National High School Yes-O Club
  • Teatro Marikeño Inc. Community Theater and Dance Company
  • Siliman University Student Government Environment Committee (SUSG)
  • Young Bataeños for Environmental Advocacy Network - YOUNGBEAN
  • Youthlead Philippines

Together, we are stepping up for #ClimateJustice

Ask world leaders to make a strong statement at COP27 by demanding a loss and damage mechanism and holding carbon major companies accountable. Your voice, ideas, and talents will help a lot as we push for justice and concrete solutions.